Important Update

The vote to stay or leave FMCA has been calculated by an independent firm. The results are 46 to 14 to dissolve our chapter and no longer require our members to belong to FMCA.  This does not mean that we as individuals cannot belong to FMCA and enjoy all of their benefits personally. It does mean that no longer are our members required to join FMCA, and as of June 1st we will be independently insured and our club will no longer be a Chapter of FMCA.

 We have however as a group created new Bylaws similar to those we are used to , they have been approved by the board and will be voted on at the next business meeting where we have a quorum.

Stay tuned for updates  

Thank You , Dan Meyer , President  GMCSS


  The GMC Sunshine Statesmen is the Florida contingent of a group of motor home enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation of the classic GMC Motor home-built by General Motors starting in 1973 with a production of close to 13,000 units ending production in 1978. These unique vintage vehicles were built on a purpose-built chassis (not a production truck chassis) and employed the powerful 455 and 403 Oldsmobile front wheel drive system also used is the groundbreaking Olds Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado cars of the time. The entire coach deriving ideas and concepts from the GM design team, this vintage coach was so far ahead of its time that even today they are a viable alternative to spending big dollars for a new coach.

  Welcome to our website, feel free to surf around and see what we are all about and investigate more on the internet about our classic motor-home and I think you will see why we are so enthusiastic about its past and future You do not have to live in Florida to be affiliated with our club.  To be eligible for FULL Membership in the GMC SUNSHINE STATESMEN you must own a titled, registered, and insured 1973-1978 TZE GMC Motorhome. To renew FULL Membership in GMC SUNSHINE STATESMEN, ownership of any make motorhome is required . Past Full Members of GMC SUNSHINE STATESMEN, who no longer own any brand of motorhome may continue or re-establish their Membership in the GMC SUNSHINE STATESMEN as an ASSOCIATE member. Such ASSOCIATE Members may participate in all activities and meetings of the GMC SUNSHINE STATESMEN, be listed in the Membership directory as ASSOCIATE Member and receive all publications and mailings. ASSOCIATE Members may NOT vote in official meetings or hold elected office. ASSOCIATE Members shall pay the same annual dues as FULL Members .Members can  enjoy the rally schedule and information put out by club members, and since we have many “snowbirds” who come to Florida during the winter months,( our rally schedule runs from September through May)  these folks can be involved. It’s rather hot during the summer months down here, and most of us just sit in front of our air conditioners or go north.

  Please contact us if we can be of help, we hope to see you at one of our rallies– oh, and thanks for the visit.


If you own a 1973-1978 GMC  and  would Like to Join us check out the   member application on the GMCSS club links page